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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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kron4's will tran is live in the court house. this woman accused of speaking to a child who was apparently bowing her daughter correct? can you point out. the woman came to the boy and it's a she says she said. her defense attorney. her defense attorney says that wasn't the case. he go
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so far as to save this boy is a lawyer and who's to say he did not put their mark on his neck himself. there some marks that are consistent with hands around the neck of her defense attorney says of the subordinated up. and who's to say he did and bullied other kids. there were no adults around the time. that's not so reliable for prosecutors. there were sent to charge. but when the one before the judge and about 5 minute court appearance of they told the judge and we need more time. and the defense attorney says exactly true that it is you don't have a case against my client. will find out that 8:00 this morning if prosecutors will charge or dismiss this rich and according to defense attorney and they say you have nothing on my client. even goes as far as to save my clients these as " and she could be considered mother of the year. he says
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yes to that end to the boy's face thread told him to knock it off but at no time did she ever lay hands on this board. so what check back with a will the attorney. >>: a bay area teenager the bay area teacher is charged with molesting a teenage student to read three of them. here he is 28 year-old brian butler danville and he's pleaded not guilty. but he was a guest teacher as the music our studio worst of his alleged students touched their chest. and 15 year-old girl on a these charged with 10 counts of lewd acts with a child and his being held on 1 $5 million bond. but a moment. tory martinez has not been seen since june 3rd. his wife barbara says the day she saw him last of
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missing out of the ordinary. his car was caught at a sonoma days after he was reported missing. his glasses while it sells on the clothes were found inside that car his allies as the discovery of his abandoned car is difficult to separate ticker. >>: the one thing i keep saying is god is with him. the matter where he is. god is with him. >>: ray has family members and the of the bay area but none have heard from him. investors in sunnyvale appears to have started. broke out and 93. and you can see the damage done. this is from the ground. we also have overhead video with our abc partnership receive fire shooting up through the roof here and
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spreading to an up its own members to get out. somebody was hurt. at one plant and the family plans were so intense that firefighters actually have to back off. it's a compelling two hours. radio announcer: it's mattress discounters 4th of july sale.
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a comment to the kron4 morning news a 609. half as
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we are still monitoring an accident. it's on the out of central freeway between ninth street its line the ride and to san francisco but comet into vermont street in the air ride and bonds from the octavius street express led as a reserve visual hazard o-n-s. to become part of a for migrant children across mexico to reach the drama
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has taken another--the donald sterling legal drama has taken an another strange turn. strange turn. shelly sterling's attorneys will ask a judge today to order donald and his attorneys to not threaten, harass or intimidate his wife's legal team and doctors who determined donald was mentally incapacitated. the request seeks protections for witnesses in next month's trial to determine if shelly sterling can sell the clippers to former microsoft ceo steve ballmer an update now to a story we toughs first brought you yesterday morning.
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it's a ghost story that kron 4 helped go viral. and the people who snapped the picture are speaking out now. this ghostly image was captured by a british couple visiting alcatraz last april. you can see the shadowy image of a female figure. looking back at the window. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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weather across the nation and more severe weather in parts of the midwest and tornadoes touching down in south dakota. some people trapped in their homes residents and washington's offerings were lifted in tossed atop each other. the system of the latest video coming in for it and the governor mobilizing that 100 soldiers from the south dakota national guard to help with cleanup efforts.
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watching bay area weather and traffic with an update now from james fletcher. let's begin with than national view grid with sure you the map here the intensity of of the storms that are rolling through an effect as we push and you'll see just how severe. was it were talking about yes a lot of rain here held land all that certainly a possibility for today and also high elevations not all that coming down. will expect to see more of that. here in the bay area up much cooler looking cloud cover that is now confined to san francisco and the peninsula but it will start to back off eventually. we're seeing clear skies to the east and as you take a live look here. that's something we haven't seen in the past several days. but now that that high pressure has left us we're getting that ocean
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breeze back and read its not stretching into the valleys 3 it's just been confined to the coast. seven disco and oakland. and as were in the mid-50s war in the mid-50s with santa rosa the only exception. we have a nice warm temperatures. where temperatures will get once again into the mid 80s and potentially even upper 80s close to the 90 degree mark. i don't think it will be as hot as it was yesterday and announced it will look for upper seventies to low 80s 7980 degrees there. 65 and san francisco and san jose look for about 71 on the thermometer tomorrow we will keep pretty much the same forecast for it will be status quo. saturday issue will max out a little bit. look a survey temperatures. a relatively flat there. 7172 degrees separate recall looking forecast of a the next several days. but get an update on your commute of the shaping up in san
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francisco. the month getting word that this accident is likely to be there for awhile as the chp has just issued a special traffic advisory a settler. that means they expect the lanes to be blocked here in this case for another hour. this is on the outbound central freeway. and to about 1 01 heading toward the bay bridge but then it's the exit for the central freeway. as you have out for mission street. the ninth street exit. for and ultimately the octavius street exit for the octavius st expressway. if the accident and walked right him rain emission the votes just north of the ninth street. and it's backing of the traffic and to hospital curve the 60 things will be another hour before they're able to clear the crash because the vehicle ended up on the roof. how likely to impact on northbound interstate 280 as well. this did occur fairly early in the morning so if it's out of there by seven. and that means a much
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better news 3 it's this is out there for much longer than that. we could be looking at a ripple of sex and to daly city the candlestick house light. it could even back up toward steer point. traffic is starting to slow and the san francisco. a look at the bridges for you. as we look first at your favorite tried to reestablish his back up there in the westbound lanes. let's go to go read let's go to the golden was not. what go back to the traffic mess there and we will continue to talk about this accident. >>: we will go to washington. president obama and congressional leaders met at the white house to discuss the situation in my rack were all tied militants continue to sweep through iraq pushing closer to baghdad and not fighting for control of iraq's the u.s.
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is now putting pressure on iraq's president to have a more inclusive government or resigned. >>: and asserted that the secretary of state john kerry is calling president obama is a middle east policy carries and the administration has been engaged in efforts over the past several months and no increase in its assistance to iraq but when asked about what former vice president dick cheney said with his harsh criticism of president obamas actions carry said " this is a man who to go directly to iraq. kerry also said that the u.s. does not have the capability to be effective early on in this next wave of violence and all options are still on the table for the united states. >>: also happening today in the bay area a young man who died who died just a few credits short of his degree per he was shot and killed trying to enter the wrong apartment on mission street
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the shooter was arrested at the scene he's been at a released pending further investigation to the ceremony will be held at the richmond 0 multicultural center and several city leaders in the east mayor wants to talk about the future of phone safety for smart phones at 930 this morning grid of oakland mayor jean quan and police chief are going to hold a news conference in city hall and they're going to be joined by city leaders and alameda berkeley and emeryville tariffs if the state does not pass what's called the kill switch legislation agreed to the government to alameda county are going to take similar measures. so far a bill requiring kill switches for all smart phones in california has passed the state assembly committee for that was too sacred there's no evidence this morning that the kill switches are bringing down the number of robberies and desperate to the report released by new york's attorney general found robbery's about the products fell 19% in the first five months of this year in san francisco by some robberies were down 30%. the kill switches make
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the phones use less on their stow 13 google microsoft plans to incorporate kill switches in their next versions of smart phones >>: and it what it was trending around but this morning. if you've seen the official poster but here's a better look at christian gray from 50 shades of gray said the hit movie screens into those of 15. fans of the wildly popular book have been anticipating the release of a the iphones adaptation. investors movie is the top story trending of facebook. this is the first official spill from the movie released the honor of the fictional character
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for the kron4 tech report with gabe slate. >>: good morning they may be seven years late to work in their way into the smart phone gamba yesterday amazon, swinging with the unveiling of the fire the fire from have some the features we have not seen on any apple our global device.
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the image on the screen changes with you as you move your phone or your head. and does get through the gimmick may pay off with certain maps. for example tilton the fire as a like sliping. we have a fire five this is something totally new and making shopping easier. if it identifies things in the rural world along and offers them for an stem purchasing through amazon parrot which typically offers a lower price to the field of firefly appointed at a product it will establish find a product on amazon back, to see if it's cheaper and of course if president. >>: will lead to shot by some parity to listen to audio on a fireman. but the village to buy it off and
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was once digital's corporate from the blue shot on a amazon a lot this phone could be pretty good. if you purchase the fire falling you get one year of amazons prime membership for free. and that's $100 value. and the fog comes with unlimited storage for pitchers on amazon called service. the 32 gave a model will be $2,000 $200.64 did will be it for $300 for its hits the market july 25th. i don't expect it will take a lot of business away from app or go but they might find a niche with loyal amazon customers. gabe slate kron4 news. >>: keeping up live look on wall street rain now. labor department showing a 6000 drop. >>: and more than six years to repair the numbers from yesterday the dow up 38. obamas 15 ran out of futures up eight ahead of the opening bell. 6263 still
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ahead on the kron4 morning news 3 they know accessory for hayward police permit racing privacy concerns. we will tell you what the department wants all officers that have on their offense. uniforms to an active already lined up for this new rest around the east bay. or you can get free bread. we will tell you next. fan to and alive with carol on the creek. tropical six it is my some light. sun is out and is 66. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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can of the ride through the information for businesses they're going public last on their fists pumping. will be
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watching the markets allow for modest gains early trading without features of 12th permit to carry a live look here and the weather office with the james river that this beautiful look with the clouds. welcome back more rain layer welcome back gaucheries. that will keep this as a couple degrees cooler than we experienced yesterday. >>: the good news is it was only a couple of days where we had that role nice to meet hot weather and 135633
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there were police department wants to outfoot all of its officers with by the mounted camera permit for the cameras can be worn in several different places on the uniform. and they capture each encounter that an officer has three official said the cameras are in excellent investigative tool and they can help in a lot of ways. >>: for us it's very important in terms of being able to investigate and soft crimes and get prosecutions. it's a very useful investigative tool 3 the month and also it's an accurate way for us to capture contacts between police officers and the public. but will they get them. the issue gus the city council next month >>: to san francisco sisters pleaded not guilty to running this of trafficking ring in the city's richmond district. 37 at 36 year-old were each charged with 16 felonies. they're accused of running to brothels and
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charge a man $200 to a man to have sex hey there.
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kron4 hope this story go viral and the people who snapped a picture of the ghost. this is the image of the coast of that was captured by a couple of british couple who over visiting alcatraz. >>: it's just inexplainable really. >>: it's not like we were there looking for this. >>: i'm not scared by its three i just think it's very interesting. in diamond street. >>: the couples and they contacted the national park service to see if they might be able to identify the woman i've done some research. >>: there was another famous who committed suicide on the island. this is what it was a military base of the research.
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>>: the >>: mount tam this morning showing us a foggy conditions. spicing crowded conditions here in san francisco but clear inland will talk about today's forecast coming up in a moment.
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645 is the time now. it's going to be warm today. not a talker it is still going to be warmer and 13 here's
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what it looks like. we have some clouds out there. the marine we're back into play now a high pressure has moved on three or getting the ocean breeze back again and that's why we're seeing the winds of the kansai but a little breezy here and there. san francisco 55 most locations on this list actually right there in the mid-50s with santa rosa still: 46. there is some distance away it is all over the north ave. temperatures are right there 45 and above. eventually will give them above the 50 degree mark. the camera is not
6:47 am
frozen. it's just looks like it because it's all little movement to permit iran at the heart of the toll plaza. the back up is just growing for the west our ride already up to over 26 minutes from hawley 24. it's actually the sensors south
6:48 am
680 starting to slow. pleasant hill. in walnut creek. the five it westbound. calling for heavy traffic as well. not only through antioch now to the south bay where conditions are still pretty good for 101280. north bay ride through marin as problem free. of the heavy traffic
6:49 am
the golden gate bridge ride problem free. the loss of traffic just beginning to back up. clayton kershaw was nearly perfect last night he pitched his first no-hitter striking out 15 batters. the only pro base runner reached a throwing error by his mere arrest of his gemma and gave
6:50 am
the dodgers and now the only two no-hitters and baseball so far this season- a beckett tossed one out and 20¢ a philadelphia. it's not good news for giants who dropped five straight now. and of all people you don't wanna start fish pitch poorly is tim hudson was a money giants he entered the game with the lowest earned an average. what the giants lost the a's have the
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comeback to the kron4 morning news is the time of year again to find out which dog is the ugliest. the sonoma marin fare started yesterday and the deadline to vote in the ugliest dog contest is almost here. this event features some of the ugliest of dogs. i think that one is going to win. >>: i have to look away. what else you got. >>: that was not too bad. from what is that once you. the month were is the face and that dog is just crazy that 1 percent thought it was the tongue but a lot of these dogs definitely and contention. >>: maybe that's a winner to
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print this event is covered throughout the globe. it's become a really big deal so most of these stocks have been rescued and the contest hopes to raise awareness about the need for adoption. the actual contest is friday night and voting and tonight at 10:00 we posted a link to vote on our web site you can also see pictures of all the approaches of kron4 dock, so darya get your vote and. >>: a so hard to the soccer it ahead as 7 on the kron4 morning news of the ladies all know leas but it can seem to get enough of a man fleeing christian graves clinton of 50 shades of gray. that is the big story trending think there is a world the 49ers signed the only ones who want to read richard sherman set off. if we wish you well as the swing get them into minutes. >>:
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on hour from now a santa rosa mom accused of choking and allegedly the boys accused of taunting her daughter weather and not to be charged in court of the details coming up in a live report a bay area piano teacher accused of molesting several teenage students. with the where happened at paid to put down their weapons details on a new program richmond police hope will reduce crime >>: this is the bay area's new station kron4 news at seven starts now >>: come morning on darya folsom and the mark and then let's start with an update on weather and traffic jams fletcher with more on our forecast will star with a quick live look outside. are a camera shows some mixed called three but also some breaks of blue the clouds beginning to pull back but it was a mostly cloudy story was breezy over san francisco and other parts of the peninsula as we take a look pictures san francisco


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